We are busy compiling our draft programme, but to whet your appetite please see the list of accepted presentation titles below.  It is alphabetised by presenters surname.  Please note that this is a draft list as we are still processing a number of reviews.


The length of presentations is as follows:

  • Standard presentations – 20 minutes (includes 5 minutes of question time)
  • Keynote presentations – 40 minutes (includes question time)


Type Presenter Surname Title
Oral Laurent Ameglio Identifying Vertical Contacts by HTEM Peak Migration
Keynote Laurent Ameglio Airborne monitoring of soil moisture using GNSS reflectometry
Oral Fenitra Andriampenomanana On the Origin of the Cenozoic Alkaline Volcanism of Madagascar: Evidence from Pn Tomography and Receiver Function Imaging
Poster Ildikó Antal Lundin Gravity inversion and its implication for basic magmatism and associated high-grade metamorphism, Northern Sweden
Oral Robin Armit Combining structural analysis with sequential potential-field inversions to constrain the architecture of poly-deformed terranes
Keynote Peter Betts Multiscale structural geophysical analysis of IOCG mineral systems of Proterozoic Australia
Oral Lucian Bezuidenhout Extracting empirical Green’s from ambient seismic noise to map the subsurface of the south-eastern Karoo, South Africa
Oral Teagan Blaikie Constraining the 3D structural architecture of the greater McArthur Basin through potential field interpretation and modelling
Oral Teagan Blaikie Constraining the timing of a major basin inversion event from potential field data; the 1740 – 1710 Ma Leichhardt Event
Oral Cyril Boateng Identifying Depositional Environments Using Acoustic Reservoir Heterogeneity: A Case Study
Oral Nasreddine Bournas Interpretation of high-resolution Airborne Geophysical Survey of North-eastern Burkina Faso
Oral Minenhle Buthelezi Geophysical Mineral Characterisation on the Wortel farm, Namaqua Sector, Northern Cape, South Africa
Oral Paul Cavalier On the Use of Maximum Wavelet Coefficient Scales in Potential Fields Analysis and Inversion
Oral Hayley Cawthra The ‘South African Nearshore Mapping Programme’ sheds light on the wealth of the seafloor
Oral Tianyou Chen Full Spectrum Falcon – acquiring both short and long wavelength gravity from the air
Oral Patrick Cole Tensor Based Modelling of Magnetic Data
Oral Janine Cole A 3D potential field model of the Bushveld
Oral Janine Cole Data contribution of the CGS to the proposed Vredefort Impact Structure geophysical test site
Oral Gordon Cooper Determining the Depth of Potential Field Sources Without Specifying the Structural Index
Oral Gordon Cooper Enhancing Seismic Data Using Symmetry
Oral Gordon Cooper Generalising the GDO
Oral Gordon Cooper A Tale of Three Filters; TheTilt Angle, the Theta Map, and Sunshading
Keynote Branko Corner Integration of Geophysics and Geology – an all too often distant frontier in minerals exploration
Keynote Peter Dekker Has South Africa got remaining Hydrocarbon Potential: Frontier Exploration or Brown Field?
Oral Prof Mike Dentith Petrophysics and Mineral Exploration Targeting: Best Practice and Applications
Poster Brandon Dias Analysis of the fractal convergence properties of geophysical inverse problems
Keynote Dan DiFrancesco Technical Innovations in Geophysical Exploration: Sensors and Platforms
Oral Buhle Donga Structural interpretation using seismic attributes: a case study from offshore Orange Basin, South Africa
Keynote Mark Dransfield Gravity Gradient Simulations over the SEAM II Arid Model
Poster Mpumelelo Dube Mapping of dolomite hosted alluvial diamonds trapping zones using high resolution airborne magnetic data in the North West Province, South Africa
Oral Raymond Durrheim Drilling into Seismogenic Zones of M2.0–M5.5 Earthquakes in Deep South African Gold Mines (DSeis)
Oral Raymond Durrheim Could Fracking in the Karoo Trigger Damaging Earthquakes?
Oral Flemming Efferso TDEM for Environmental Studies and Mine Operations
Oral Abigail Enyonam Ayikwei The Economic Potential of the Frontier Volta Basin: Geophysical Constraints on the Basin Structure
Oral Anthony Fielies A Seismic Stratigraphic comparison between the Durban Basin and the Natal Valley, offshore South Africa
Oral Des FitzGerald High Accuracy 2.5D AEM Inversion Method for Banded Iron- Formation (BIF) and Other Geological Settings
Keynote Des FitzGerald Dykes, Synclines and Geophysical Inversion – is geology important?
Oral C.J.S (Stoffel) Fourie Exploration of South Africa’s Geothermal Resources
Oral Jan Francke Realistic Performance of Deep GPR Systems
Oral Jade Greve 2D and 3D Magnetotelluric Modelling of the Eastern Karoo Basin, South Africa: Imaging a Potential Shale Gas Bearing Formation
Oral Wesley Harrison Method Refinement of the DC Resistivity Method for Near Surface Exploration and Hazard Detection
Oral Ahmed Isiaka High-resolution Seismic Reflection Investigation of Subsidence and Sinkholes at Abandoned Coal Mine Sites in South Africa
Oral Manish Kumar Application of Passive Seismic in determining overburden thickness: North West Zambia
Oral Jean Legault Assessing Risk to the Ermelo Ring Road from Historical Coal Undermining using Helicopter TDEM and Ground Geophysics
Oral Jean Legault Results from an Integrated Helicopter ZTEM Electromagnetic, Airborne gravity and Aeromagnetic System over the Vredefort Dome Structure, South Africa
Oral Jean Legault VTEM and Magnetic survey results over the Izok Lake Zn-Cu-Pb-Ag volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit, Nunavut, Canada
Oral Jean Legault Introducing VTEM ET: An Improved Helicopter Time-Domain EM System for High Resolution Near-Surface Applications
Oral Iris Lenauer Fault Control on Intrusives in central British Columbia, Canada
Oral Vuyolwethu Mahlalela Tectonic evolution of the Orange Basin (offshore South Africa) using 3D reflection seismic data: Implications for hydrocarbon systems
Oral Musa Manzi Seismic constraints on the Neoarchaean-palaeoproterozoic crustal-scale tectonics, Witwatesrand Basin (South Africa)
Oral Iain Mason Blast-hole radar excitation of a Bushveld chromitite waveguide
Poster Nkimo Moleleki Geophysical techniques for tunnel detection and characterization at coal bearing mines
Oral Bill Morris Fracture framework mapping from magnetics: A SLIC example
Oral Seeiso Moshoeshoe Use of the seismic reflection method to optimize safety and extraction: A case study from a South African platinum mine
Oral JP Mubita First 3D modelling of the sub-surface of east-central Namibia combining geophysics with distal geological data.
Oral Thifhelimbilu Mulabisana Local Site Effects Study based on the Orkney Earthquake of 5 August 2014
Oral Tim Munday 1, 2.5 or 3D AEM inversion methods for targeting base-metal mineral systems in the McArthur Basin, NT? Decisions, decisions…
Oral Onkgopotse Ntibinyane Investigating the possible causes of Earth fissures in Kgwakgwe wellfield using Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT)
Oral Saheed Oke Geohydrological Parameters Estimation from Electrical Resistivity Applications to the Dahomey Basin of Nigeria
Oral Neil Pendock LWIR for mapping mantle minerals for diamond exploration
Oral Neil Pendock LWIR: a cost-effective gravity proxy for kimberlite exploration
Oral Neil Pendock Deep learning shale gas plays using LWIR satellite imagery
Oral Lena Persson Exploration of new groundwater resources on Gotland, Sweden by airborne TEM measurements
Oral Taronish Pithawala On using regional gravity field data to reference inversion of gravity gradiometer data
Oral Latifa Qobi Geomechanical Engineering Screening Tool for Field Development Evaluation, Selection and Planning
Oral Prof Oliver Ritter Modern concepts for exploration and monitoring using CSEM on land
Oral Jonathan Rudd The Facility of a Fully-Distributed DCIP System with CVR
Poster Emmanuel Sakala Towards automation of modelling of geophysical data using artificial intelligence
Oral Lebogang Sehoole Geophysical methods to locate potential underground voids at Springlake Colliery, SA
Oral Ame Thato Selepeng Dealing with Negative Apparent Conductivity Response in Slingram Electromagnetic Sensors
Oral Josia Shilunga An Integrated Geological and Geophysical Study of the Deblin Copper Mine area, Kombat South, Otavi Mountain Land, northern Namibia
Oral Adam Smiarowski Mineral Exploration in the Mount Lyell region of Tasmania with the Helitem35C® System
Oral Billy Steenkamp Application of the Magnetic Method to Explore for Shipwrecks on the South African Coast
Oral Eric Takam Takougang Imaging Fractures and Small Faults in a Carbonate Reservoir using Waveform Tomography and Reverse Time Migration
Oral Matt Terracin Spatial Corrections for Post-stack Time Migrated Legacy 2D Seismic Data: a Case Study from the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa
Keynote Hernan Ugalde Extracting structure from Airborne EM data: a case from the Irish Midlands
Poster Chantell van Bloemenstein Play Analysis of the Gamtoos Basin off the south coast of South Africa
Oral Ray van Rensburg Geophysics in Agriculture
Oral Julius von Ketelhodt Multi – Component Anisotropic Seismic Borehole Tomography
Oral Ute Weckmann Constrained 3D inversion of MT data with sparse and irregular station coverage: Example from the Namibian passive margin
Oral Michael Westgate Theoretical Overview of Complex Seismic Attributes and Applications to Soft and Hard Rock Environments in South Africa
Keynote Chris Wijns Exploration geoscience inside the mine gate
Oral Igor Yeltsov Collection of The Multiphysical Formation Models