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The Council for Geoscience (CGS) is one of the National Science Councils of South Africa. It was established by the Geoscience Act (100 of 1993)and is the national custodian for the collection and curation of all onshore and off shore geoscience information in South Africa. It is mandated to investigate a wide range of surface and subsurface, onshore and off shore geoscience matters. These include, but are not limited to, geology, geochemistry, geophysics, engineering geology, economic geology, geohazards and geohydrology. The organisation performs these duties mainly through Government funds and, to a lesser extent, through collaborations with private and public institutions, including institutions of higher education. Furthermore, the CGS is also mandated to provide for the promotion of research and the extension of knowledge in the field of geoscience as well as the provision of specialised geoscientific services. It aims to use this information to develop geoscience solutions to real-world challenges.

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Complete MT Solutions Inc. (CMTS) offers the full spectrum of services for electromagnetic (EM) imaging of the Earth using the natural source magnetotelluric (MT) technique for targets from 100s m to 100s km in depth.
Our team consists of five internationally-based scientists who are all experts in their disciplines with over 140 years of combined experience in MT between us. We work together with clients to further develop the method and achieve maximum results for all possible applications.
CMTS’s philosophy is that best outcomes from magnetotelluric surveying come from deep knowledge of the method. Starting with survey design then cost-effective acquisition followed by robust processing and response analysis leading to multi-dimensional modelling and inversion from which geology-constrained interpretations can be made.
CMTS can value-add to existing legacy MT data by undertaking re-processing, re-analysis, re-inversion and re-interpretation using our modern, proprietary codes and approaches.

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New Resolution Geophysics (NRG™) is an airborne geophysical company specializing in the collection of ultra-high resolution airborne magnetic, radiometric, electromagnetic and gravity data with offices in Cape Town, Pretoria and Perth. NRG has been in operation since 2005 and owns and operates a fleet of eight new generation turbine powered helicopters and three fixed-wing aircraft. Focusing on the African and Australasian markets, the company has completed in excess of 4,500,000 line kilometers of survey in over 50 countries. The company was formed with the objective of providing a technically superior, efficient and professional service to the mining and petroleum exploration markets.

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Robertson Geo pioneered the development of slimline, geophysical borehole logging systems and techniques. Now, as the largest global supplier of wireline conveyed, slim-hole logging equipment, it provides geophysical logging instrumentation and onsite logging services to every continent. Over 40 years, it has acquired extensive field experience in the geotechnical, mining, water, environmental, renewables and oil/gas sectors.  The company is headquartered in North Wales (UK) and the site houses the design, development and main assembly capability, together with test facilities which include an onsite borehole, calibration blocks, ovens and autoclaves. The company has a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001.

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Established in 1995, Red Dog Scientific Services provides specialist earth-science equipment, and allied products to the African exploration & mining community. Products include seismometers, magnetometers, seismic systems, geophones, DC resistivity & IP systems, spectrometers, magnetic susceptibility meters, ground penetrating radar, borehole logging probes and other geophysical equipment

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Geometrics Inc., a subsidiary of OYO Corporation, has 50 years of experience in manufacturing magnetometers, seismic and EM instruments for a variety of land, sea and air investigations.  From our land-based geophysical systems to our new UAV mounted MFAM MagArrow magnetometer, we manufacture equipment to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs.

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SPECTREM AIR operates the most advanced fixed-wing airborne geophysical system, collecting high resolution Electromagnetic (EM), Magnetic and Radiometric concurrently.

With the highest power and advanced processing, the SPECTREMPLUS system has the ability to simultaneously map shallow (1-100 m) and deep (100-1000 m) features with a high level of resolution. Our team of specialists provide integrated 3D solutions for geological mapping, minerals exploration targeting including oil and gas, geo-hydrological, geo-engineering applications. The principal objective of developing these airborne systems is to enhance our ability to carry out effective exploration in area where the geology is poorly exposed on surface.

Spectrem is also conducting significant amount of in-house R&D to ensure that the system remains state-of-the art and satisfied the need of its clients. In that respect, Spectrem was the first company to develop and commission an airborne magnetic gradiometer using the SQUID superconducting technology.

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SkyTEM is the leader in innovative airborne electromagnetic geophysical surveying services.  We engineer advanced data collection systems to meet the high-data-density and high-data-quality requirements of earth scientists for a wide range of subsurface studies. SkyTEM pioneered calibrated dual moment technology and SkyTEM FAST for mapping the very near surface to great depths, concurrently, economically and consistently, with lowered costs through rapid acquisition and delivery speeds. We offer reliable 12.5 Hz systems for even deeper anomaly targeting through conductive overburden. The best solution for high-quality data, SkyTEM deliverables are robust and dependable enabling exploration specialists to build accurate geophysical models with confidence.

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EAGE is a professional association for geoscientists and engineers. It is an organization with a worldwide membership, providing a global network of commercial and academic professionals and students. With more than 19,000 members from over 100 countries, the association is truly multi-disciplinary and international in form and pursuits. EAGE operates two divisions: the Oil & Gas Geoscience Division and the Near Surface Geoscience Division.

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Geovista geophysical borehole logging and imaging tools serve geoscientists worldwide, with best in class performance. We supply the largest range of dependable systems to cover borehole data requirements for exploration, mining exploitation, site investigation, and groundwater. We manufacture and supply compact loggers, reliable winches with a full set of safety features, an extensive range of combinable sondes, televiewers, borehole video inspection cameras and North Seeking Gyros. Sonde stacking capability allows for efficient logging operations. It also allows for useful sensor combinations that would otherwise not be possible. Both the cameras and the logging sondes can be run on the same wireline cable. Geovista also offer memory and Thru-bit logging conveyance modes as well as the traditional wireline for high risk or deviated boreholes.

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HiSeis is a leading international geophysical exploration company providing sub-surface imagery solutions to the hard-rock mining industry.  The Company’s innovative seismic technology and proprietary knowledge enables it to deliver results in complex geological environments.

HiSeis applies high-definition, three dimensional, seismic exploration techniques in a wide range of near mine environments to provide a high resolution 3D image of the geology which enables our clients to:

  • generate drill targets;
  • compress the timeframe to discovery;
  • add to mineral reserves;
  • significantly enhance geological models;
  • improve life-of-mine planning;
  • reduce mining costs; and
  • mitigate mine site risks.

As the only reliable geophysical exploration technique below a few hundred metres, seismic is becoming an essential element of the hard-rock miner’s exploration toolkit.  HiSeis has a case study library of seismic projects for many of the world’s largest miners at locations all across the globe.

HiSeis are the hard-rock seismic experts.

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About Us: The Geological Society of South Africa (the GSSA) was established on the 4th of February 1895 and is one of the oldest scientific societies in South Africa. It is a society that exists for geologists and earth scientists with an interest in Africa, and southern Africa in particular, and has over 3000 members and student members. The GSSA caters for everyone who is eligible for membership regardless of their level of professional development. The GSSA is opposed to any discrimination and a portfolio exists within its Council to transform the Society to one that is truly representative of all the people of southern Africa. GSSA’s members are drawn from professional sectors within academia, government, business and industry. Members are required to comply with the GSSA Code of Ethics, which is aligned with similar international codes to promote ethical and professional conduct of all practitioners.

The GSSA aims to stimulate the study of earth sciences and to look after the interests of earth scientists by providing forums and events where geologists and members from related disciplines can meet and share ideas on advances in the science, emerging technology, and new geological models and ideas. These forums include meetings, workshops and conferences. In addition, the Society has a specific division, the Directorate of Professional Programmes (DPP) which organises specialist courses for members and non-members. Recently these courses have included Drilling for Geologists, Structural Geology and Competent Person’s Reporting.
The Research, Education and Investment (REI) Fund is a pool of research funds managed by the GSSA. Grants are made available annually to members to help cover the costs of research, publication of results, travel and conference attendance.
The Council for Geoscience and the GSSA are responsible for the dissemination of information related to geology and related earth sciences in southern Africa. This information includes news of individuals and organisations in the profession, relevant events that affect geologists and other interested individuals, and earth sciences papers with an emphasis on Africa or topics which may impact African geology.

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Aarhus GeoSoftware is a leading provider of software for processing, inversion and visualization of electromagnetic- and electrical data. We have a common platform, Aarhus Workbench where data handling is integrated from raw data to processing, inversion, QC of inversion results and visualization of inversion models on GIS interface, sections, pdf reports and 3D.

We support data from ground based and airborne frequency- and time domain systems. We also have full IP decay inversion for ERT/IP data.

Since Spring 2018, we are also selling and supporting the Geotomo software, Res2DInv and Res3DInv.

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Wireline Alliance is a partnership, formed in August 2017  by  two  borehole  logging  contractors,  Wireline  Workshop  and  Wireline Africa that, provides a unique combination of experience,  technology and operational capacity.  Wireline  Africa,  formerly  known  as  Weatherford  (UK)  Ltd,  can  trace  back  its  heritage  to  Reeves  and  BPB  Instruments;  the  pioneers of mineral borehole logging for the mining industry. With  Wireline  Workshop,  we  have  over  45  years  of  hard‐won  experience, describing mining targets from remote Mongolian coal  to Andean copper and deep South African gold.  Our  calibrated  and  borehole  compensated  measurements  are  designed by physicists and engineers for application in all mining  and exploration fields from coal through base and precious metals  to unconventional hydro‐carbons such as CBM and tight shale gas.

 North‐seeking gyroscopic borehole navigation

 Geotechnical analyses

 Mechanical properties/rock strength/slope stability

 Measurement of bedding, fractures and stress orientation

 Correlation between distant rock formations

 Locating mineralisation zones with depth and thickness

 Lithological boundary identification and mapping

 Stratigraphic unconventional gas well logging

 Carbon sequestration analyses

 Coal, oil shale and coalbed methane

 Hydrogeological studies

 Aquifer mapping and casing screen inspection

 Flow rate profiles for ground water investigation

 Borehole check‐shot services and vertical seismic profiling  We run multiple logging platforms including IBIS, the box unit for direct airfreight to remote locations

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Geosoft is now part of Seequent, working together to enable better decisions about earth, environment, and energy challenges.

Since 1986 Geosoft has helped to advance exploration of the Earth’s subsurface. The company provides geoscience technology, data services and custom solutions for government, energy, and mineral exploration, marine surveys, unexploded ordnance, and the earth sciences. Thousands of geoscientists worldwide use Geosoft software to make discoveries through data.


Geotech is the global leader in technological innovation for airborne geophysical survey mapping, interpretation and analysis, offering helicopter and fixed wing airborne geophysics. Geotech operates on a global scale with offices in Canada, Australia and South Africa and with strategic alliances in China, Kazakhstan and Russia.


GEM – A History of Innovation and Reliability
GEM has had a long and storied history – starting as Geophysical Electromagnetic Systems, a consulting partnership. The company incorporated in 1980 as GEM Systems, and is now known in industry as GEM Systems.Formed by Drs. Ivan Hrvoic and Jasna Hrvoic, the company continues to be managed by Dr. Ivan Hrvoic who contributes many years of experience in geophysical instrumentation and electronic design.In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, Dr. Hrvoic worked as Senior Research Engineer with Scintrex Ltd. During this time, initial research was conducted into the feasibility and design of a
Continuous Reading High Sensitivity Airborne Overhauser Magnetometer. This work was completed in 1983 through a research grant and led to the first of an innovative series of magnetometer/gradiometer technologies featuring three main physical principles – Proton quantum magnetometer.


Geophysical research is at the brink of a rejuvenation. Novel measurement technologies and computing systems are not only changing the toolbox of the geophysical fieldworker, but also the working environment of the people processing and interpreting the data. Medusa Radiometrics is committed to power this rejuvenation by providing geophysicists around the world the most efficient, lightweight and robust gammaray survey systems imaginable, through innovative sensor design and smart data analysis models. Our systems include sensors for underwater mapping, land-borne work, and for drone-borne and airborne surveys.

It is our mission is to partner with our customers in every aspect of our activities. We want to establish an intense and long-lasting customer involvement in the design and development of our sensors.


PHOENIX GEOPHYSICS LIMITED is a geophysical manufacturing and contracting company founded in 1975. Phoenix Geophysics delivers cost-effective, reliable instruments and services that produce superior results. We are the world leader in magnetotelluric (MT) instrumentation.  Measurements made by Phoenix instrumentation include magnetotellurics (MT; broadband, audio and controlled source), time- and frequency-domain induced polarization, time- and frequency-domain EM, and resistivity. Advanced Phoenix technology is used in exploration for mineral, groundwater, oil & gas, and geothermal resources; in environmental and engineering geophysics; and in earthquake prediction and research deep into the Earth’s crust. Phoenix systems are used in more than 100 countries for exploration and research. Our clients include mining and oil companies, geophysical contractors, universities, research agencies and government earth science agencies. Please visit our booth/stand No. A14 to learn about our new Ultra-Wide MT (UMT) system and Powerful MT processing software (EMpower).

It is our mission is to partner with our customers in every aspect of our activities. We want to establish an intense and long-lasting customer involvement in the design and development of our sensors.


Geotron (Chemtron prior to 1987) is a manufacturer and supplier of geophysical equipment and has been supplying and servicing the industry for over 48 years.  The commitment to design, service & a dedicated team, has ensured a successful partnership and Geotron becoming one of the major geophysical instrumentation companies in the Southern Hemisphere. Scintrex, a major supplier of geophysical equipment has been associated with Geotron since 1989


Equipment manufactured:

  • Proton & 3 Component Fluxgate Magnetometers
  • Resistivity Meters & Penetrometers
  • Borehole specialized winches
  • MUEM Broadband sensors

Equipment supplied:

  • Magnetometers, Gravity Meters, Seismographs
  • Frequency & Time Domain Electromagnetic Equipment
  • Gamma Scintillometers & Spectrometers
  • General Geophysical & Archaeological Exploration Tools


Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Founded in 1970, the ASEG is a learned society of professional earth scientists specializing in the practical application of the principles of physics, mathematics and geology to solve real life problems in a complex and changing world. The ASEG’s mission is to promote geophysics, especially as it is applied to mineral and energy discovery, geotechnical and near surface studies and hazard mitigation.

The ASEG’s bimonthly journal, Exploration Geophysics, is a peer-reviewed forum for scientific papers from members of the ASEG and their partner societies, Society of Exploration Geophysicists of Japan (SEGJ) and Korean Society of Earth and Exploration Geophysicists (KSEG).  The journal publishes ground-breaking research in exploration and applied geophysics, recording the extraordinary growth and achievements in science breakthroughs, innovations, new technologies, practices and discoveries in this field for almost 50 years.  Preview, our highly-regarded magazine also published bimonthly, contains the latest news, commentaries, easy-to-read reviews, and case studies for exploration geophysicists around the world.

The ASEG brings together more than 1000 members from Australia and around the world through its publications, technical conferences, exhibitions and training courses (visit for more information).



“To maximise the returns of South Africa’s mineral wealth through collaborative, sustainable research, development, innovation and implementation of mining technologies in a socially, environmentally and financially responsible manner that is rooted in the wellbeing of local communities and the national economy.”


officially opened on 4 May 2018, provides the opportunity to have a community of researchers working together in the same space on related subjects both from an inter- and intra-organisational perspective.


The SAMERDI Strategy, as an outcome of the Mining Phakisa, provides a roadmap on how to work collectively towards technological solutions that will increase safety and productivity, and reduce costs to ultimately extend the life of mines by:

Improving the competitiveness of the sector and creating new opportunities for South African based companies to operate in areas along the entire value chain; and

Reposition South Africa as the world leader in mining RD&I by building human resource skills, capabilities, and capacities across industry, academia and the science councils, ensuring its sustainability.

The SAMERDI Strategy provides a roadmap on working collectively towards technological solutions that will increase safety and productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately extend the life of mines.

Thus the implementation of the SAMERDI strategy through collaboration and support from researchers (science councils and academia), government depart­ments, mining houses (individually and collectively), and organised labour unions can be the solution to the chal­lenges that beset the mining sector.



LIM LOGGING (former Electromind) proposes a wide range of wireline conveyed slimhole logging tools and technologies for mineral exploration, hydrological & geotechnical projects worlwide.

Among the proposed logging tools, the OPTV 38 & 52 and BHTV 42 are the most renowned due to the quality of results and performances. The complete range of LIM LOGGING tools is composed of 20 tools covering the needs of the market.

LIM SAS, the parent company is designing drilling data logging devices to measure drilling parameters in real time that can be correlated with borejole logging data.


Established in 1999, Geoline has now been servicing the mineral industry for 20 years. The company has grown such that we service the coal, CBM, iron-ore, magnetite and geotechnical industries in Southern Africa.
Specialising in general mine exploration logging including rock strength and strata identification (structural analysis), deviation and coal blast hole logging, Geoline data is optimizing mine planning and providing solid resource data for feasibility studies.
We pride ourselves on being able to provide high quality, safe, affordable and responsive services to a perpetually demanding and dynamic market. Backed by the SABS ISO9001 standard, we continuously monitor our service performance and provide tailor-made solutions to clients who are facing a variety of challenges in a continuously changing industry.


AEGIS Instruments (Pty) Ltd

Full Range of Geophysical Equipment, Accessories and Interpretation Software

from Major Internationally Recognized Suppliers for the Mining,  Exploration, Engineering & Groundwater Industries

Offering Training, Service and Support

Rental Pool of standard equipment available

Offering specialized value-added surveys, services and interpretation with associated companies for:

  • Targeting from satellite and airborne geophysical surveys
  • Evaluation and interpretation of historical surveys with reference to known geology and other data
  • Borehole, surface & in-mine high-resolution reflection seismic surveys
  • Borehole & surface TEM surveys
  • AMT and MT surveys
  • 2D and 3D Full Waver IP/resistivity surveys
  • Specialised wireline logging
  • Core scanning of diamond drill core
  • XRF & XRD Analysis of drill core, chips & samples, particularly when core scanning
  • Physical property measurements: magnetic susceptibility, conductivity, density and induced polarization

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Mount Sopris Instruments and Advanced Logic Technology are a leading worldwide manufacturer of borehole logging systems and software. We serve in many industries, including mining, groundwater, geotechnical, research, geothermal, and energy. Since our partnership in the early 2000’s, Mount Sopris and ALT have been at the leading edge of new technologies. Our Quick-Link (QL) product line allows for many different tool stack possibilities with less time spent processing and interpreting data. We are the designers of WellCAD software, the mining and groundwater industry’s most extensively used well log processing and interpretation software. And in addition to our partnership with Qteq to offer Borehole Magnetic Resonance (BMR), we will soon be exclusively releasing two new measurements: Spectral Induced Polarization (SIP) and Neutron Generator (nGen) sondes. With offices in the United States, Luxembourg, and Malaysia, and local representatives in over 50 countries worldwide, we can provide fast and effective support any time of day throughout the world.


terratec Geophysical Services offers surface geophysical and borehole geophysical logging services worldwide. The main objectives are the acquisition, compilation, processing, analysis and the interpretation of geophysical data for mineral exploration, ground water/ geothermal energy prospecting and geotechnical purposes.

terratec Geophysical Services was founded in 1989 and comprises roughly 35 geophysicists and

geologists based in Germany, Mali (since 2006), and Namibia (since 2006) and representatives in Sweden, South Africa and Finland.

terratec Geophysical Services has a comprehensive working experience in different countries and climates from the pack ice of Greenland to deserts of Namibia. Staff and geophysical systems and methods have been optimized and adapted to harsh conditions in remote areas.

Down hole gophysical tools (0-2000m) include optical and acoustic borehole scanners, spectral gamma deviation tools (used in open boreholes and within the drill string) and induced polarisation and  borehole TDEM tools to localize for offhole conductors.

Surface geophysics specialities include induced polarisation (2D and 3D) with the in house development of the HIRIP method (high resolution induced polarisation and resistivity), surface to hole and hole to hole IP, Natural Source Audio Magento-Tellurics (NSAMT),ground gravity, time and frequency domain EM, magnetics and radiometrics.


Petroleum Agency SA, a South African state-owned company established through a Ministerial Directive issued in 1999, is mandated with providing effective and efficient regulation, encouraging investment, fostering diversity, protecting public interest and ensuring a level playing field within the upstream oil and gas industry. Since its inception, the Agency has emerged as the only regulatory body of the upstream oil and gas industry, keeping watch over this strategic and critical industry in South Africa.

The company’s vision is to create a diverse upstream industry contributing to energy security through sustainable growth in exploration and development of oil and gas.


The School of Geosciences at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) is a hub for geosciences research and training on the African continent. It is the largest and most diverse academic Earth Science institution in southern Africa and the only institution offering specialist Honours degrees in geophysics, in addition to palaeontology, geology and environmental earth science. The School occupies a leading role in the continent in the areas of mining and economic geology, and geophysics, with the latter disciplines involving particularly strong ties with the minerals exploration and mining industries.

The Seismic Research Centre was established in 2015 within the School of Geosciences. Its main purpose is to assist in easing the significant shortage of skills in geophysics applicable to petroleum, minerals exploration, and geohazards mitigation in Africa. It specialises in providing world-class geophysical training to postgraduate students who plan to pursue careers in oil and gas exploration, the minerals industry, and academia. The Centre collaborates with government organisations and parastatals, private sector mineral, oil and gas companies and other academic institutions in Africa to assist in this goal. It hosts legacy 2D/3D seismic data and the state-of-the-art software packages, which are donated by various companies, for seismic processing, interpretation and modelling. The Centre (2015-2019) has generated more than 40 international (peer-reviewed) research papers and more than 50 peer-reviewed international abstract publications. Since 2015 the centre has grown from a few students to a group of about 35: 4 staff members, 4 postdocs, and 27 postgraduates (MSc and PhD candidates). Researchers and postgraduate students from the centre are involved in various research disciples, including reflection seismic imaging for minerals and hydrocarbons exploration, signal processing and inversion (especially applied to potential fields), integrated geophysical investigations (gravity, mag, seismic, MT) of the structure and evolution of the African lithosphere, integrated geophysical investigations (gravity, mag, seismic, MT) applied to mineral fields and ore bodies (e.g. Wits, Karoo, Congo and Volta basins, Bushveld Complex, kimberlites), continent-wide geophysical arrays, ICDP-DSeis project, mining-induced seismicity, with application to hazard mitigation in deep mine.


Andrea Viezzoli earned his Bachelor in Physics at Bologna University (Italy). After a short stint in atmospheric physics, he moved to the field of Geophysics and to Australia where he earned a Ph.D. from Monash University in environmental applications of (ground) IP. It wasn’t till he joined as Post Doc the hydrogeophysics group at Aarhus University that we really sank his teeth into AEM. He then left academia to manage Aarhus Geophysics Aps, where he focuses on virtually all aspects of AEM. Beside consultancy, he still finds time for R&D. The last couple of years saw him joining his two main research interests, working on modelling AEM data affected by IP for different applications.


Digital Borehole Surveying Pty Ltd is an industry recognised turnkey provider of downhole wireline logging and data analysis services, and, driller operated rental products.  Head-quartered in Johannesburg South Africa, with regional branches around the African continent, Digital Surveying is uniquely positioned to deliver a multitude of fit for purpose, cost-effective data, evaluation and product solutions so that informed decisions can be made when they matter, by leveraging the latest available technologies.

We are proudly a first-to-market and often exclusive supplier of advanced technologies, ranging from north seeking solid-state Gyro deviation products and services, through off-hole imaging (borehole radar), to Hydrogeological (magnetic resonance) wireline solutions.  ‘Informed decisions through integrity and innovation’


The South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) was established in 2011 under the National Energy Act, 2008 (Act No. 34 of 2008). The Act provides for SANEDI to direct, monitor and conduct energy research and development, promote energy research and technology innovation as well as undertake measures to promote energy efficiency throughout the economy.

SANEDI’s energy development agenda is a key part of our country’s energy journey. SANEDI’s portfolio of initiatives are closely attuned to technology advancements, declining technology costs and continued innovation in the energy sector. As a whole, these can enable South Africa to take full advantage of our energy resources and the associated infrastructure development as a vehicle for economic growth, industrialisation, employment creation and sustainable development.