Please note the following guidelines for Oral and Poster Presentations:


Guidelines for Oral presentations:

  • the aspect ratio needs to be 4:3.
  • File format should be either .ppt or .pptx


Guidelines for Posters:

  • Poster boards are 1.42m wide x 980mm tall.
  • Therefore, posters can be either A1 portrait (594 x 841mm) or A0 landscape (841 x 1189mm) – as long as they are less than 980mm tall

General Design recommendations:

  • Avoid using too many words on Poster or PowerPoint slides
  • Text should be large enough to be easily read from a distance
  • Ensure that text contrasts well with the background colour
  • Figures and tables must be legible
  • Include your name, affiliation, and contact details on the poster/presentation