Workshop title:

3D Geophysical modelling with geological and petrophysical constraints

  • About the workshop

Magnetic and gravity data are important tools during exploration; the reason being that the magnetic susceptibility and density of rocks vary as a function of their primary lithology, and then secondary tectonic and metamorphic processes. Potential field variations over any area can be dominated by any of these three signal sources. It is the job of the interpreter to devise methods which can isolate each of these contributions resulting in a geologically correct and consistent model. The interpreter is required to decipher the relative importance of each of the contributions and ensure they are correctly involved in their model

Magnetic and gravity models are, however, inherently ambiguous. Additional data is needed to constrain these models. This workshop will guide attendees on how to build proper constrained forward and inversion geophysical models. These constraints include stratigraphic, structural and petrophysical data. The workshop aims to dissect many common problems with modelling and expose the participants to what works and what doesn’t.

  • Who is it for?

Exploration geophysicists and geophysical data users who want to learn how to add geologically meaningful constraints to geophysical models; exploration geologists who want to understand the limitations and benefits of using geophysical modelling as an additional tool to support geological modelling.

  • Details

Saturday 5th October 2019

8am to 5pm

  • Cost

R2 500 per person (full day)

Student cost: R630 (full day)

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea included





Short Biography

Hernan Ugalde (Ph.D. Toronto, 2006) is a geophysicist with an interest in integrating geology into geophysical interpretations. His postdoc with Bill Morris at McMaster University (2006-2011) triggered his interest in 3D data integration and addressing geological questions. From 2011-2018 he was a full-time interpretation geophysicist with Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited (PGW) in Toronto. In 2018 he become and independent consultant to dedicate more time to his teaching and research interests at Brock University, where he has been an Adjunct Professor since 2016. At the moment Hernan teaches geophysics and some geology courses at Brock and has ongoing geological modelling research projects in Northern Canada.




Short Biography

Bill Morris obtained his bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Leeds, and was the second person to obtain a PhD from the Open University. He then emigrated to Canada working at Western University, the Earth Physics Branch of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), and then was Professor of Geography and Earth Sciences at McMaster University for over 25 years. Bill has co-authored over 150 papers on subjects ranging from paleomagnetism, remote sensing, potential field interpretation, and recently borehole magnetic surveys. For the past five years Bill was co-Director of the data integration theme for the Footprints mineral exploration project. Since 2018 he is an Adjunct Professor at Brock University, where he is extending his previous work on 3D modelling and data integration.



Additional presenters:

Robin Armit (Monash University)

Des Fitzgerald (Intrepid Geophysics)

David Pratt (Tensor Research)