Workshop title:

Fundamentals of Airborne Electromagnetic data processing and inversion

  • About the workshop

This workshop will provide an insight into how processing and inversion of ATEM data is carried out in practice. For this, we use the software package Aarhus Workbench. The course is both a good opportunity for new users to get to know this software, and it is an opportunity for experienced users to go deeper into the details.

Participants will get access to the software and data examples which they can try during the workshop and after.

  • Who is it for?

Geophysicists, geologists, engineers and students who work with processing and inversion of airborne TEM data on a beginner and intermediate level.

  • Details

Saturday 5th October 2019,  8am to 5pm

  • Cost

R1 200 per person (full day),  Student cost: R630 (full day)

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea included


Knud Valdemar Lassen (AARHUS GEOSOFTWARE)

I have a MSc in geophysics from the Hydro Geophysics Group, Aarhus University, Denmark, and have a background in physics. I have been working with GCM, MRS, TEM and DC/IP in the field and have worked with signal processing and inversion of mainly TEM and DC/IP data.