As has become SAGA tradition, a number of pre-conference workshops have been scheduled.  We trust you will find the SAGA 2019 Workshops on offer to be an array of interesting topics – leaving the most difficult predicament of deciding which ones to attend.  We endeavour to keep the costs as low as possible, and to extend a student discount to enable as many students to attend as possible.  Please find the schedule below, with a table beneath it.  In due course, we will be adding a detailed description on the content of each workshop.

SAGA 2019 Workshops
Workshop Code Date Duration Workshop Title Presenter(s)
5 EM Saturday, 5th Oct 2019 1 day (8am-5pm) Fundamentals of Airborne Electromagnetic data processing and inversion Knud Valdemar Lassen (AARHUS GEOSOFTWARE)
5 AI Saturday, 5th Oct 2019 1 day (8am-5pm) Principles and application of machine learning in geosciences Glen Nwaila and Phumlani Khoza (WITS)
5 3D Saturday, 5th Oct 2019 1 day (8am-5pm) 3D Geophysical modelling with geological and petrophysical constraints Hernan Ugalde (BROCK UNIVERSITY) and Bill Morris (MCMASTER UNIVERSITY)
6 EM Sunday, 6th Oct 2019 1 day (8am-5pm) Practical Airborne Electromagnetics: getting accurate 2D and 3D interpretations Desmond FitzGerald (Intrepid Geophysics)
6 SEIS Sunday, 6th Oct 2019 1 day (8am-5pm) Seismics for mineral exploration and geo-engineering applications Alireza Malehmir (UPPSALA UNIV) and Musa Manzi (WITS)
6 H2O Sunday, 6th Oct 2019 1 day (8am-5pm) Using Geophysics for Groundwater Exploration Francois Fourie (UFS) and Louise Soltau (GEOSS)
6 TEM Sunday, 6th Oct 2019 1/2 day (12:30 – 5pm) Introduction to Time-Domain EM inversion with VOXI Carlo Combrinck (GEOSOFT)