Chris Wijns

Chris Wijns

Group Geophysicist 

First Quantum Minerals Ltd


Chris Wijns has been the Group Geophysicist since 2008 for First Quantum Minerals Ltd, a global base metals miner. He initially studied in Canada, and after a few years in gold exploration in West Africa, he moved to Australia in 1999 and completed a PhD in 2004 at the University of Western Australia. Chris has been a director of Amira Global, a mining industry research body, since 2015, including three years as chair of the board, acting on his belief in collaborative work and a desire to bring research results into industry use. His goal is to promote geophysics in all the domains where it can prove useful throughout the minerals value chain. Chris has enjoyed working inside sizeable mining companies for the opportunity to have constant interaction with geologists, geochemists, and assorted engineers.

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