Prof. Dr. Stefan Buske

Prof. Dr. Stefan Buske

Professor of “Applied Geophysics / Exploration Geophysics”

Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany)


Stefan Buske is a Full Professor of Applied Geophysics / Exploration Geophysics at Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany). He earned a PhD and a diploma in geophysics at University of Frankfurt (Germany) and has worked in the Depth Imaging Department at Ensign Geophysics Ltd. (UK) and as head of the Seismic Data Laboratory, Department of Geophysics at Freie Universität Berlin (Germany). He received the Louis Cagniard Award from EAGE in 2004 and the outstanding teaching award from the German Geophysical Society in 2019. His research interests include seismic acquisition, processing, modelling and imaging including applications for geothermal and mineral exploration, investigation of fault systems and deep seismic sounding of the lithosphere.

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