Prof. Moctar Doucouré

Prof. Moctar Doucouré

Co-founder & managing director

AEON (Africa Earth Observatory Network)

Associate-professor in geophysics

Nelson Mandela University


Moctar Doucouré is co-founder and managing director of AEON (Africa Earth Observatory Network) and associate-professor in geophysics at Nelson Mandela University (Feb.2012 to present) where he managed the Karoo shale gas baseline research programme. He previously held the positions of chief operating officer of AEON at the University of Cape Town (UCT; 2008-Dec.2011), and principal specialist geophysicist at De Beers Group Exploration. Prior to these positions, he was senior researcher in geosciences at UCT (Jan.1995-Jan.2001) and postdoctoral Melon fellow at the Bernard Price Institute of Geophysical Research at Wits University (Nov.1989-Dec.1994).

Moctar Doucouré has an engineering degree in exploration geophysics from the Hydrocarbon Institute of Algiers (1981) and a doctorate in global geophysics from Université Paris VII, France (1986).

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