Teo Hage

Teo Hage

Managing Director

Xcalibur Multiphysics in Australia


Teo is passionate about Airborne EM, an enthusiasm fuelled after joining Anglo American in 1987 as a scholarship recipient.  Throughout his Anglo career, from graduate geophysicist to manager of SPECTREM AIR Ltd, Teo was intimately involved in the ongoing research and development of Airborne EM systems.

In 2001,  following Fugro’s consolidation of the Airborne Geophysical contractors, Teo was inspired to join its team of people who were focused on technology development as a core part of their business. Teo spearheaded a talented team of engineers and technicians responsible for developing new airborne geophysical systems and instruments, most of which are still in regular use today.

Teo’s intimate involvement with AEM systems development survived a number of transitions, including a move back into general management duties, the sale of Fugro Airborne to CGG in 2013 and a permanent relocation from Johannesburg to Perth in 2014. 

As Managing Director for Xcalibur Multiphysics in Australia and Chief Technology Officer for the group, Teo leads a group of motivated and skilled people who are driven to continuously improve the technology and application of airborne geophysics.

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