Anre Vorster

Senior manager for Future Exploration and Projects and manages De Beers Exploration’s innovation portfolio



Anre Vorster graduated with a MSc (Exploration Geophysics) from the University of Pretoria and specialized in the acquisitioning and processing of high resolution seismic reflection data before joining Anglo American in 1997 and shortly thereafter De Beers.

He has 27 years of experience in kimberlite exploration and has been involved in many successful exploration projects across the globe. During his tenure as Technical Services manager he became a strong proponent of the use of high resolution geophysics in a multi-disciplinary integrative approach to achieve success in exploration.
He is currently the senior manager for Future Exploration and Projects and also manages De Beers Exploration’s innovation portfolio. He remains deeply involved in the pioneering Full Tensor Magnetic SQUID development project and has seen it grown from a conceptual idea to successful implementation of the technology on various airborne platforms with commensurate development of novel tensor data processing, modeling and interpretation algorithms by leading tensor research groups.

Anre was the SEG country representative for South Africa from 2002-2006 and SAGA president in 2003.