Dr. Collen-Issia Uahengo


University of Namibia


Dr. Collen-Issia is a distinguished professional in the realm of geosciences, holding a lecturing position at the University of Namibia’s Geosciences Department. With over 15 years of combined experience in both the mining industry and academia, Collen brings a wealth of expertise to their roles.

Possessing a Ph.D. in Paleontology and Stratigraphy, Collen boasts a profound understanding of geological processes and historical contexts. Their Master’s degree in Petroleum Geosciences, specializing in Basin Analysis, further enriches their qualifications, providing extensive knowledge of subsurface exploration and resource assessment. Additionally, Collen holds a Master’s degree in the Economic Evaluation of Mining Projects from the Paris School of Mines, showcasing proficiency in financial analysis and project management within the mining sector.

Proficient in seismic interpretation, Collen utilizes advanced techniques to analyze subsurface structures and identify potential hydrocarbon reservoirs. With a keen eye for detail and strong analytical skills, Collen excels in problem-solving and geological analysis.

As a non-voting member of the Geoscience Council of Namibia, Collen actively contributes to advancing geological practices and regulations in the country. Their involvement in the council underscores their dedication to upholding industry standards and promoting ethical conduct.

In addition to their professional roles, Collen is also actively engaged in research, conducting studies aimed at furthering the understanding of geological phenomena and their implications for industry practices. Through their research endeavors, Collen contributes valuable insights to the field of geosciences, enhancing knowledge and informing decision-making processes within the mining and petroleum sectors.