Dr. Dennis Woods

Woods Geophysical Consulting Inc


Dennis Woods was a co-founder and owner of Discovery International Geophysics Inc, a 26-year full-service geophysical contractor and consultancy, specializing in low-frequency, B-field transient electromagnetics. Discovery was particularly focused on innovative techniques to improve the application of geophysics to the discovery of critical minerals. Discovery became part of Dias Geophysical Ltd in July 2024. Dennis now consults under Woods Geophysical Consulting Inc.

Dr. Woods has a long career in mineral exploration geophysics, which has included a tenured position as Assistant Professor of Applied Geophysics at the Department of Geological Sciences, Queen’s University in the 80’s, and Chief Geophysicist of Granges Inc (later Vista Gold Corp) in the 90’s. He has been a geophysical consultant throughout most of his career, and has founded a variety of geophysics companies in Canada, USA and China.