Dr. Lynette Kirkpatrick

Section Geophysicist

Namdeb Diamond Corporation



Lynette is a Section Geophysicist at Namdeb Diamond Corporation and has over 20 years of diamond geophysics experience. She joined the De Beers Africa Exploration team as a graduate trainee in 2003, initially spending her time in kimberlite exploration in southern Africa.  However, the bulk of her career has been spent in marine and placer diamond exploration, predominantly on the west coast of southern Africa. Her experience ranges from offshore geophysical survey operations to marine geophysical R&D projects; specialising in the ultra-high-resolution requirements of placer exploration.  In recent years, she has integrated various geophysical datasets ranging from airborne EM and magnetics to shallow marine seismics, ultra-high resolution multibeam echosounder and remotely sensed satellite products to support a multi-disciplinary approach to resource development on the west coast. Her PhD research and post doc work continues to focus on characterising diamond placer geology using traditional geophysical methods in non-traditional environments.