Dr. Roger Swart

Geologist and Proprietor
BlackGold Geosciences cc


Roger Swart is a graduate of Rhodes University in South Africa. His entire working career has been in Namibia for the Geological Survey of Namibia (1982 – 1994), National Petroleum Cooperation of Namibia (1994 – 2007) and as a consultant (2007 to present).

For the survey he was involved in multiple projects mapping various areas of Namibia. During this time he completed a PhD on the Zerrissene Turbidite Complex. At Namcor he worked on the petroleum potential of the Neoproterozoic Nama Group as well as mapping the offshore. During this time he became interested in the long term evolution and denudational histroy of the sub-continent. Subsequent to this he worked as a consultant int he petroleum and diamond industry founding Black Gold Geoscience. He recently led the field work for the Statoil (now Equinor) and Sonangol project in the onshore Namibe basin.