Dr. Stephanie Schieber-Enslin


 School of Geoscience at Wits University


Stephanie has focused on volcanic and magmatic activity throughout her career, first investigating Icelandic volcanoes using campaign GPS for her MSc (Wits, 2009); and then sills and dykes of the Karoo LIP using aeromagnetic and historic seismic data for her PhD (Wits, 2015). For her PhD she also created a 3D model of the Karoo Basin, constrained by potential field, seismic, borehole, petrophysical and teleseismic data. She has also conducted investigations into the western and southern lobes of the Bushveld Complex using 2D and 3D seismic data and aeromagnetic data. She has recently branched into using satellite data and machine learning to understand groundwater potential across South Africa. She is currently lecturing at the School of Geoscience at Wits University.