Jeremy Barrett

General Manager
Southernrock Geophysics S.A.


Jeremy Barrett received a B.Sc. honours degree in Geophysics from Leicester University in 1992 and has worked continually as a geophysicist within the mineral exploration industry over the last three decades. He began his career with Rio Tinto working on extensive geophysical survey programmes in Chile and Ecuador, transferring to CRA Exploration in Queensland, Australia, in 1995. At the end of 1996, he returned to Chile to start up and manage Zonge Engineering and Research Organizations contracting services in South America which, after a change in ownership, became Southernrock Geophysics based out of Antofagasta and Santiago, Chile. For the last 28 years Southernrock has provided geophysical services, specializing in IP, MT, and EM methods throughout the Andean belt and with occasional services in every continent except Antarctica. Jeremy has also been actively involved throughout the development and implementation of the gDAS32 distributed acquisition system which is in service by contractors and mining exploration groups in the Americas, Australia, Africa, Europe and Asia.